round table 12

The Dutch Edition

Dear Tablers and Old-Tablers,

We are happy to announce the 2024 Numbermeeting for all the 12 and X12 Tables is going to take place on 6-9 June 2024 in Zaandam, the Netherlands! We can’t wait to welcome you, so register quickly!



Thursday 06-06-2024 / Friday 07-06-2024



Home diners

Evening event


Breakfast host / Hotel

Amsterdam Tour:

  • Museum
  • Boat tour
  • Beer Tasting

Main event

Friday 07-06-2024 / Sunday 09-06-2024



Welcome party (incl. dinner)


Breakfast Host / Hotel

Zaandam tour:

  • Open Air museum
  • Dutch lunch
  • Surprise activity / Presidents meeting
  • Gala dinner


Farewell brunch


Zaandam is easily accessible by car, public transport or airplane. For those who don’t know where it is, here’s a map:

Travel by public transportation

International trains will stop at Amsterdam Central Station. From there you can travel by train to Zaandam Station.

Travel by airplane

Schiphol Airport is a well known airport in Amsterdam. From there you can travel by train to Zaandam Station.


Home hosting

We are very happy that we can finally host the Numbermeeting again. But compared to the large number of Tablers with interest in joining us, there are only a limited number of home hosting spots available. We do our utmost to offer everyone a place, but there is a good chance that we will have to ask you to book a hotel anyway.

Hotels, B&B and similar

There are many relatively cheap options to stay in Zaandam. See booking.com and similar sites. Be sure to search for Zaandam as Amsterdam is a lot more expensive. Below we would like to mention a number of options since we were able to make a deal with them:

  • Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam, 10% discount voucher via this link
  • Bastion Hotel Zaandam
  • Zaan Hotel


We know you would love to know where we are going, but that will remain our little secret until you get here.


We think we have come up with a great program and we tried to keep prices as low as possible. These amount to:

Pretour: 150,-

Main event: 350,-

Full experience: 500,- 

After submitting the registration, we will send an invoice with the payment information. If the invoice requires specific information for your administration, we would like to hear this when you register.

Additional charges

If you travel to Zaandam by public transport or airplane you will need to take a train to Zaandam station. In addition to that we will probably use some public transport during the meeting. Since there is a good chance that everyone uses public transport or taxis differently, we want to leave the choice to you. This does mean that this is at your own expense. The advantage is that instead of buying a ticket, you can also travel with your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile phone. Check here

For those who prefer to pay a fixed price, it is also possible to purchase a region card via this link. If you want to continue through the Netherlands before or after the meeting, you can buy the Holland Travel ticket here. Both options will be more expensive than the few individual journeys that we take on public transport as a group and are therefore only suitable if you also go out in the region yourself.



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    Dennis Visser, IRO Round Table 12 Zaanstreek, The Netherlands
    0031 (0)6-14553862

    Maurice Koeman, Treasurer Round Table 12 Zaanstreek, The Netherlands
    0031 (0)6-10696207